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The extensive benefits of working at height adjustable tables are widely researched. Below you will find links to
external research studies and articles.






ConSet desks offer a healthy ergonomic solution for every desk user.  ConSet offers a solution to the increasing concerns with
cases of repetitive stress injuries and back problems associated with intense computer use.  Our desks complement your body and
adjust to your specific needs. A ConSet electric sit/stand desk makes it possible for you to change your working position simply by
pressing a button.

By changing your working position often you avoid wear on your musculature and your joints associated with prolonged sitting.

There is no legal claim saying that you must have an electric sit/stand desk, BUT the law does state that it be possible to adjust each
individual work station to fit each particular user.  The Labour supervision holds the responsibility that all Danish companies
as of 1-1-1997 must comply with their guidelines concerning screen work (AT notice nor. 1108 of 15. December 1992 and AT anv.
Furthermore, all EEC countries must comply with EN 527-1 (Tables and desks, Part 1, Purpose).

There are a number of guidelines for and opinions concerning the correct positioning of your desk combined with your chair.
All experts do, however, agree that the most important thing is to change working position often. Below you will find some rules of thumb
for choosing your table / top:

  • The table must be height adjustable so that it can be adjusted to the individual, making it possible to place screen, keyboard,
    and mouse at a suitable height.
  • The table must be deep enough to allow for the screen to be placed at an optimum distance from the user, and so when working
    the mouse the whole forearm can rest on the table.
  • The table must be wide enough to leave space on both sides of the keyboard for putting things down.
  • The table must deep enough so that both wrists and forearms can rest in front of the keyboard. 
  • Underneath the table the construction should leave space for the legs to move freely.
  • When a user is engaged in prolonged reading it is advantageous for the table to be placed in a sloping position.

Why ConSet has chosen not to offer digital memory controls


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