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Electric Adjustable Desk | 100x80 cm | Beech with black frame

Electric Adjustable Desk | 100x80 cm | Beech with black frame
$ 644 incl. GST
Item no.: 501-20 4B092 100-80S3 BM
A desk that can do what it should. The first from ConSet with completely slim profiles. The material consumption is minimized and only materials that are or can be recycled are selected. It benefits on CO2 emissions and for the same reason, transport and packaging have been developed. There is simply nothing superfluous. Ergonomics is important but must be incorporated into the new environmental reality. A new natural component in Nordic minimalism.

Expect to spend more time assembling than for other Conset tables. The desk frame is not produced in modules like most other Conset frames, so there are more to do.

This beech melamine table top is based on a 25 mm chipboard. Melamine has a very good durability and is of a very hardy quality.


This table top has straight edges.

A tabletop suitable to make a side table or for the extension of an L-shape top. Perfect when extra space is required.

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Item no.:
501-20 4B092 100-80S3 BM
Electric Adjustable Desk | 100x80 cm | Beech with black frame
Stock status
AmountItem no.DescriptionUnit pricePrice
1501-20 4BXXXLegset, Black$ 382,-$ 382,-
1SQ141480Railset, 920 mm, neutral$ 81,-$ 81,-
1100-80S4 BMTabletop S4 | 100x80 cm | Beech$ 181,-$ 181,-

$ 644,-
Component information
Item no.Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)EAN
501-20 4BXXX81261214,005704142159729
100-80S4 BM10787415,005704142160763
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Item no.: 501-20 4B092 100-80S3 BM

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